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Welcome to the Kashwére Lifestyle Club!




Our members are "In-Touch", living the luxurious Kashwére Lifestyle. This lifestyle has been defined, by our customers, the major Hotels, Spa's and Resorts many of you have visited.


Some of us enjoy lengthy visits at these fine establishments. Many of us because of our schedule, and other factors, are limited to bringing this luxurious lifestyle right into our homes for brief "luxury retreats"


It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words, so hear are some pictures describing the Kashwére Lifestyle:




The following are the major Kashwére Lifestyle Club Benefits:

  • Kashwére Lifestyle Club Newsletters

  • Kashwére Lifestyle Club Discount Program

  • Featured Hotel, Spa and Resort highlights

  • Advanced copies of Kashwére Style Guides

  • Exclusive Member Only Benefits/Promotions

As a member you will be provided answers to these and many other questions:  

  • How will this lifestyle "touch" and affect my life?

  • What are the simplest ways I can get refreshed and rejuvenated?

  • How will this "touch" the lives of my relatives and friends?

  • How does living the Kashwére Lifestyle contribute to touch, feeling, confidence, rejuvenation, and style?

Our goal is to provide to you our members, exclusive and valuable information,  that will allow you to enjoy to the fullest, your share of the Kashwére Lifestyle.